Excellent health care is impeded by incomplete follow-up treatment across the globe. Particularly in low- to middle-income countries, this inadequacy is the difference between life and death. OP Care is a HIPPA and PHI compliant patient reminder mobile application developed to help organizations and hospitals cut back on no-shows and engage with patients. The Scheduling and Reminder System addresses existing administrative needs of cancer patients all over the globe to support medical professionals. OP Care is the product of a dream to stream-line everything from re-scheduling appointments to ensuring life-saving complete treatment cycles to every global citizen.



We understand and respect the privacy and the data owned by the Healthcare Providers, patients and individuals engaging with OP Care. This OP Care privacy policy describes the information we collect and how that information is used.

Distribution of Personal Information

The data entered into the system is owned by the Healthcare Providers who are using the Application for better patient management at their Clinic/Hospital/Organization. OP Care will not distribute personal information, of healthcare providers’ employees using the Application or of the patients whose profile details are entered into the Application, to third parties unless we are required to do so by law, or to protect the rights of OP Care. OP Care may provide third parties general statistics about its users and patient profiles created on it as a whole, but it will not distribute specific information about any individual profiles/users. The Personal Information of users and patient profiles is stored on secure servers that are not accessible by third parties.

Information we collect

We collect information to provide better services to the Healthcare Providers using the application. The information can be used to track which user made what changes/updates to a patient profile or took an action on a patient profile for patient management purposes. We also use the information to better track what functionalities and features of the Application are used more and how we can help our associated Healthcare Providers use the product efficiently. The information won’t be used on its own or with other information to identify, contact, or locate a single person, or to identify an individual in context.

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Our Team

Givy Dhaliwal


Andy Woodward

Chief Technology Officer

Sherman Preet Singh
Sherman Preet Singh

Product Lead

Bill Rodriguez
Dr. Bill Rodriguez



Choose the best variant that suits your needs. Our 'Happiness' variant is supported by donors who help setup and implement the business solution in your organization. For organizations, clinics, or hospitals in low- to middle-income countries, our partners are willing to shoulder the cost involved in their quest to give back.




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